Walker Powell, Artist - Fort Worth, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you sell my photos?

No. I do have the released right to use them in my published, printed or online work, however. A copy of the model release is included with the Shoot Outline you receive by email for your review.

What if I’m too shy to do topless or nude images the first time?

Eroticism and authentic emotion drive my work. Artistic point-of-view. First time models often use masks, blindfolds or look away from the camera to preserve their daytime privacy or to give them courage. Shoot outlines help us work through all that in advance. Models must be 18 years-of-age and will be asked for identification.

What if I have ideas of my own?

Cool! Email them over. I often take model ideas (or the fantasies of their significant others) and integrate them into fully-realized shoot experience. We aren’t young forever. Our work together will be a dialogue. Some models have shot off and on with me for years, often as an escape from the day-to-day "normal" of their lives or as secondary income.

What if I don't look like a Vogue model?

I like photo shoots with women offering distinct looks and emotions – larger full-figured earth-Madonna's, rough-edged skateboard girls, too-precious society princesses, wannabe bad girls, top-flight fashion models, dark wild hardcore goth and most of the darker genre realities you can imagine. Experience has taught me that most women hold these alternative unspoken self images in their beautiful imaginations their entire lives...they’re just not sure how to bring them to artistic reality.