Walker Powell, Artist - Fort Worth, Texas

General Info

Shooting Inquiries

Booking inquiries should be sent to [email protected] I stay pretty booked up...reaching out quickly is encouraged. 

I no longer shoot to earn money. Proposing some interesting idea or theme will more likely snag my attention. All models are paid, normally in cash at the conclusion of the shoots. If you would like to receive digital photos for your boyfriend, online profile or onlyfans needs, share that up front and we'll make it work. Most shoots tend to be late afternoon or evening, but I can sometimes make an exception. I also can provide a female makeup artist at no expense to you, who also assists with wardrobe and getting ready during each studio set.

Preparing for the Shoot

The detailed shoot outline that I email you in advance helps us both know the types of images we’ll be seeking. If you have any unusual makeup or allergies situations, we need to know about. Just email the details or any questions we can answer to make the experience fun and artistically productive.

I strive to make each shoot set a time of fun and chill laughter...a time you can escape the real world and be someone else for an evening. If you’re uncomfortable (or if I’m uncomfortable) then the shoots suffer. With first timers, their bravery and comfort grow bigger as the sets progress. It happens every time. Most first time models of all physical and emotional types are staggered by the beauty we’re able to draw out and capture near the end of their first shoot. It is a magical experience.

If You Received a Business Card Out in the World...

Sometimes when I’m out in the world, I see an angel who I think could make heavenly art possible. Please take this as the artistic compliment I mean for it to be. These are paid shoots, according to the themes and outlines we agree to.

If after looking through my portfolio (the gallery tabs) you have an interest in talking further, just shoot me an email to [email protected]